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A) Acceptability of Terms

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C) Who Shall Not Use This Website

In the following circumstances you shall not use this website

· Any person who has not reached the legal age.

· Any person who has been banned from receiving any services under the Indian Laws.

D) Website’s Content

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E) Advertisements

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F) Delivery Timeline

The delivery times indicated in the website are applicable only to the items that are in stock. The number of days indicated refer to the business day which runs between 9.30 am to 6 pm. Orders placed after 6 pm would be counted as ordered the following working day. Sunday is non-working day.

G) Trademarks Used

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H) User Submissions

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I) Billing And Payment

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· You understand and agree that the company in its discretion could charge your account either individually or by aggregating the charges with the subsequent purchases made on the site in the next billing cycle.

· All purchases, services, accessories and all forms of subscriptions are considered final and no refund shall be issued.

· All billing issues should be notified within five days after they appear in your bank or credit card statement failing which you that you lose your right to dispute such discrepancies.

· In the event of cancellation of the order refunds will be made through NEFT or by the issue of cheque. No refunds will be made as cash payment.

J) Proof of Identification

You are expected to provide the proof of identification if asked for at the time of delivery. Failing to produce the proof of identification to the company or its designated associates will result in the cancellation of orders. If the purchases are made for gifting purposes the customer is responsible for furnishing his or her proof of identification.

K) Limitation of Liability

· You agree to fully indemnify or not hold the company or any of its stakeholders including but not limited to the directors and employees liable for any and all losses incurred by you while using the website or your account or the services of the company. The same is applicable to any person who uses user account regardless of whether or not authorized by the account holder.ii) You agree to cooperate with OlineO Nexus India Pvt Ltd in case of any issues that may arise due to breach of warranties or representations. The company shall at its own expense claim exclusive defence and control of such matters.

· Company and its stakeholders under no situation shall be held liable by you or any other person on your behalf for any damages or lost profits or any other form of loss suffered by you while using the account, the company’s website or the services offered by the company.

L) Taxes

All the prices indicated excluded taxes that are applicable in India and appropriate taxes shall be levied as per the purchase made.

M) Warranty and Guarantee:

OlineO Nexus India Pvt Ltd only sells the mobile phones and mobile phone accessories and the company does not give any warranty or guarantee from its side. All the products come with or without the manufacturer warranty. All warranties or guarantees should therefore be claimed directly from the manufacturer and OlineO Nexus India Pvt Ltd is not responsible for defective or damaged products delivered to you. All warranty and guarantee related concerns are to be raised to the manufacturer directly.

OlineO Nexus India Pvt Ltd does not offer any return or exchange on the products sold. All sales are considered final.

N) Jurisdiction

All the terms and conditions are governed by the Law of India. All legal proceedings will be filed in the Indian Courts at Mumbai, India.